Drip Trays
Features: - Made with high quality stainless steel - Excellent craftsmanship - Removable grill Also available in 30cm width
- Made with high quality stainless steel - Excellent craftsmanship - Removable grill 30cm Wide 13cm Deep 14cm High Also available in 40cm width
Features: - Made with high quality stainless steel - Excellent craftsmanship - Removable grill - 23mm Deep Also available in 30cm width
- Made with high quality stainless steel- Excellent craftsmanship- Removable grill- 300 x 180 x 28mm Also available in 60cm width

Drip trays are multifunctional kitchen appliances that can be used to collect spills and maintain cleanliness in the working area.

Buy Mounted Drip Trays Online

Door-mounted steel drip trays find various utilities in commercial or industrial settings where there is a lot of liquid spillage from equipment or processes. These trays are designed to collect the excess fats, oils or liquids that may be released during the cooking process. This is particularly useful when cooking fatty foods or when using oil in an air fryer. The tray prevents these liquids from accumulating at the bottom of the cooking chamber or dripping onto heating elements, reducing the risk of smoke or flare-ups. 

Door-Mounted Drip Trays Online

Door or wall-mounted drip trays ensure easy clean-up by capturing drippings and spills. They prevent these liquids from splattering or creating a mess that might be difficult to clean off the appliance surfaces. Drip trays are typically removable and can be easily emptied and cleaned. These are dishwasher-safe. Cheap mounted drip trays are available online at great prices with discounts. 

Countertop Drip Trays

Countertop drip trays are smaller, portable trays designed to collect drips, spills or excess liquid spilled during food preparation or serving. These trays can be placed under cutting boards, cooking utensils or other food preparation surfaces. This is particularly useful when working with juicy fruits, vegetables or meats. These find applications in beverage service areas in coffee stations and bars. This way, your countertop remains clean and liquid pooling is prevented.

Protect Your Countertop with Cheap Countertop Drip Trays

Drip trays provide a barrier between liquids and the countertop surface, helping to prevent stains, water damage or other potential harm. They help maintain the appearance and integrity of the countertop, particularly if it is made of porous or sensitive materials. These are versatile, portable and easy to move or reposition as needed. By containing liquids, they help maintain a hygienic environment and prevent the spread of bacteria or other contaminants.

Buy Drip Trays to Prevent Smoke and Odours

Cooking on regular cooktop results in the accumulation of fats and oils. As these accumulated oils start to burn, they can generate smoke and unpleasant odours. Drip trays prevent these substances from reaching high temperatures or coming into contact with heating elements, minimizing the chances of smoke and unwanted smells.

Cheap Drip Trays in Australia

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