Artificial Hanging Bell Leaf Plant 80cm Long UV Resistant

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Yellow bells (Tecoma stans) are a fast-growing shrub with green, toothed, lace-shaped leaves that offer a beautiful backdrop for the shrub’s vibrant blooms, which attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. While beautiful and fast-growing, these plants can become invasive. With our realistic alternative, you can enjoy the beauty of this plant all year round without the hassle.
Transform your exterior space with a lush, tropical vibe
UV-resistant material makes it suitable for outdoor use
Durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions

Artificial Hanging Bell Leaf Plant 80cm Long UV Resistant
Enjoy the beauty of yellow bell (Tecoma stans) with our realistic artificial hanging plant. This is not a real plant, but we’ve gone to great lengths to create an aesthetically pleasing alternative that will enhance your space year-round.
The realistically designed foliage offers a lush backdrop for the lovely blooms, which makes this plant perfect for any spot in your home. And unlike the real thing, our artificial plant can be placed inside or outside without worry of overgrowth!
Beautify your home or business with a low maintenance, high impact accent that will turn heads and win the hearts of your guests.

Details of the artificial hanging plant
Total length 80cm
Total width of the plant as pictured 15cm (approx) – plant can be spread out.
Indoor and Outdoor Usage