Artificial Rounded Boxwood Stem UV 30cm

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Add colour to your home with our Artificial Rounded Boxwood Stems UV 30cm. Perfect for any room or party space, they’re UV-treated to resist fading and are ready to use right out of the box. These lifelike stems look so real you won’t want to throw them away at the end of the season.

Blooming and non-wilting houseplants that look as fresh as the real thing but never die.

This piece can work well in large arrangements, bringing a fun pop of texture to any room interior.

Each stem is hand-crafted using only the best materials for a realistic look that you’ll love for years to come.

Our artificial rounded boxwood stems are a fabulous way to add some greenery to your decor without spending big bucks on the real thing. They’re ideally suited for bedrooms and living areas and make a statement in home offices and other spaces. They never wilt and look new year after year. You can change them up with the seasons or brighten up a room anytime you want.


The Artificial Rounded Boxwood Stem UV plant measures approximately 30cm across
The fake plant weights approximately 100 grams
There are seven branches in a stem
The width of the stem is approximately 20cm
Suitable for outdoor and indoor usage
Easily cleaned with artificial plant cleaner

Package Content:

1x Artificial Rounded Boxwood Stem UV 30cm