Keg King - Chubby 30L Fermenter

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Chubby - 30L Pressure Fermenter
*NOW comes with Stainless Steel Handle!
Looking for a round bottomed pressure fermenter that will hold your whole single batch of beer?

Well, whip out your Chubby and get the pressure on your next batch. Perfect for 23-25L batches without having to compromise or change your volumes.
Chubby has all the volume you need plus headspace.
These rugged, durable PET pressure fermenters are made from the same crystal clear PET material as our entire line of Fermenter King pressure fermenters and unitanks.
The pressure caps on these come standard and are the same, high strength design as those used in our smaller 20L Fermenter King Junior fermenters.
Even without a dump valve, brewers can still extract bright, clear beer after fermentation by way of the floating diptubes that come standard with each Chubby fermenter.
Easy to clean and contains fewer parts than unitank style pressure fermenters, Chubby is easily maintained by using a keg washer after fermenation.
The super smooth interiors make clean up simple.
Everything is more exciting when you have a Chubby!

Height = 595mm to top of posts on the lid
Width = 300mm round